The Garden of Treats

The last 40 years we have enjoyed regaling our guests at our family run Guesthouse Aloisia – the name of the hostess!

We know that beautiful nature and good food are essential for recreation. So we created a big herb and flower garden behind the house, with fountain, relax couches, hammock and an open view on the mighty Kaiser mountains.

Here you are free to explore a paramount of well known as well as rare and special plants, thereby benefitting an aroma therapy. Many carefully grown flowers including a diversity of roses not only please the eye. In their shadow you can easily take a timeout in perfect seclusion.

And the garden serves yet another purpose. Many herbs go a short way into the kitchen, where host and chef Hermann turns them into tasty regional specialties with a personal touch. Especially in the vegetarian cuisine Hermann loves to come up with new creations like Kohlrabi-Carpaccio from turnip cabbage. Fresh green smoothies are also on the menu and for special occasions Hermann indulges in handmade chocolate pralines!